I’m lost!  How much space do I need?  Always a tough question. The best frame of reference is to think of each unit as something you can identify with. For example, a 10×30 is 300 square feet or roughly the size of a single car garage. You can visualize on down from there. The 5×5 units are the size of a small walk-in closet.

I have personal AND business needs.  What should I do?  Feel free to combine units and sizes to accommodate your needs. For example we have some customers who like to take one unit for their personal use and one for their business needs.

What are the measurements for unit entry doors?  Each door is 8′ high by 8′ wide. We recommend and often have available for your use pallets to keep your items off the ground to avoid moisture.

I have fragile items that need temperature control.  Can you help?  If your items are fragile or resistant to colder temperatures we recommend that you consider one of our temp-controlled units.

What is the interior height of a standard storage unit?  The actual interior height of the unit is slightly higher so that you can stack items.

I have a boat.  Does Carefree Self Storage have storage areas for those?  Large boat trailers are typically too wide for a standard unit door, but we do have units with wider doors to accommodate your boat storage needs.